We are a Nottinghamshire charity providing services and support to enable vulnerable people to live better, safer and happier lives in their own home and community. We operate throughout Mansfield and Bassetlaw and our dedicated staff and volunteers are fully trained to support people with a wide range of vulnerabilities and issues. Jigsaw are here to support local people.
We currently offer:

  • Hoarding Service – Our hoarding service is very popular as we help service users not just tidy their possessions and belongings but also understand why they may be hoarding. Some people have an urge to just save any item regardless of value and find it difficult to clear things away or bin what is not needed. Jigsaw assess each situation and work at your pace to help make your home and life better. We are currently only able to offer help to those referred to us by Doctors, Social Workers and Local Councils. Our Hoarding service has even been covered on local BBC news. Why not view the article by clicking here.

  • Food Bank – We offer a food bank service to anyone who may need a little help. We purchase and receive donations ourselves from local supermarkets and then redistribute it to local people.
  • Community Events – We set up events for the local community to enjoy or be involved in. These events vary but an example of this is Jigsaw created a planter outside the local Doctors Surgery (Forest Medical) on Rosemary Street which many of you will have already seen.